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Adaptability in Uncertain Times

In today’s uncertain economy, and ever-changing workplaces, certainty is more difficult to achieve – and less useful – than ever before. Embracing uncertainty, and loving it, will bring you closer to living and working in the present, more adaptable and resilient. Uncertainty is a potentially positive state and a ‘source of possibilities’ for investigation. Being […]

How Soft are your Skills?

Research shows that the changing way we work – collaboratively, with complexity, agility and adaptability – demands people develop and use soft-skills to best apply technical skills and knowledge. It will make the difference between someone who is competent and someone who is adaptable, innovative, and able to embrace rapid rates of change faced in […]

Getting it Right – Selecting the Best Candidate for the Job

During recruitment, discerning who will be the most suitable person from a short-list of candidates is an important consideration. When we consider that making poor hire decisions will cost 50% to 250%* of an annual salary to replace unsuitable staff, personal preference in the selection should only be part of the story. Likewise, hiring a […]

Roleplaying at the FBI Academy

It seems that since 1972, the FBI had been putting all new agents through a rigorous training course over 4 months, learning all kinds of things, but they were graduating without a clue how to conduct a complete investigation.