Roleplay adds value to training and development

When committing resources for training and development programs, there is a danger of investment in classroom based or online resources that can leave people stranded to attempt to assimilate the training into their work.

The addition of roleplaying into a program is being incorporated more often in business, sales and recruitment programs than ever before. It exponentially increases the value of the program by enabling people to practice new skills as they develop.

Here are a few benefits of Roleplay:

  1. One key benefit of using roleplay is to build confidence.

When a team or individuals roleplay, they experience scenarios in a safe, positive, respectful environment for the first time, and process the experience as they practice. This opens their minds to new ways of seeing and thinking about real situations and helps gain confidence in their everyday work. Transitioning newly acquired skills from the classroom into everyday working life is smooth and less stressful. People are also better able to manage and implement change when they have experienced new challenges confidently.

  1. Sustained involvement in roleplay develops deeper skills.

Deeper skills practice and enhanced confidence helps develops an individual ease with other and therefore improved relations with colleagues and customers. Problems are lessened and solutions more easily attained when communication is well developed.

  1. Gain immediate feedback.

Actors have the ability to create authentic characters and actions, whilst retaining the ability to reflect and articulate what an experience felt like. Gaining objective and clear feedback helps an individual to better understand their impact and make adjustments in their work to improve their effectiveness.

Using professional actor-roleplayers achieves the above with an authentic roleplaying experience. Actors possess specific skills for the job from their work on-stage and screen. Usually, actors are on stage with other similarly trained actors, but in roleplaying they are interacting with people who are often nervous about roleplaying at all. So, an actor-roleplayer also possesses the ability to support and help an individual reach the goals within a scenario whilst also maintaining their own limits of the scenario.


Roleplay Australia has been specialising in roleplaying for over 25 years-experience and, our team includes the most experienced roleplayers in the country.